Myers Briggs Personality

Myers Briggs Personality

Recently in a class in Library School we spent some some talking about our Myers Briggs personality results.  This took me back to 2010 when I was first introduced to the concept of deconstructing our personalities into certain configurations and types.  I remember during my BEd we found our type and had a guest speaker come in to talk about our results.  I had never been more convinced and impressed.  I had to take that class because I had been selected to go on an exchange trip to Belgium to explore the idea of inclusion in the classroom in Europe.  When our professor put us into like groups with our types we found out that all 5 students who had been chosen for the exchange trip had the exact same (not particularly common) personality type.  It was really eye opening to see but also made perfect sense.  Our personality types have been noted as the teacher type and they are clearly what made us outwardly ambitious about this exchange program and the idea of inclusion in classroom practices.

The session we experienced was so excellent that when this topic was brought up again in my MLIS program I became very curious as to what types of people are typically librarians and if I fit so nicely into this niche as well.  I found the articles listed below to be very interesting.

Personality Types and Librarians (Part 1)

Personality Types and Librarians (Part 2)

I am an INFJ.  Technically I got ENFJ but I was an extrovert by a very small percentage and trust me, I know I am an introvert who needs time alone at the end of the day and many of the questions can be perceived differently in a way that has clearly rendered my result inaccurate.  Based on the study discussed in the first link I fall neatly in between what most librarians are.  It’s really important that the author recognizes the multitudes of variety that exist within the library and information profession.  Unlike teaching which essentially involves an unavoidable amount of communication and presenting skills, caring, and flexibility, the information profession has so many different strains of work that many different types find themselves working harmoniously together.  In Keach’s second post he goes a little deeper into what sets librarians apart from the general public.  The highest percentage of personality type in librarianship is actually the same as what the largest portion of the general population subscribes to but the second highest type is an extremely low representation of the entire population’s type.  This finding may provide some insight into the librarians type.  Keach looked further into the self selection ratio to break down these results and his findings were very interesting.

“Looking at the data this way makes it obvious that INTJs, ENTJs, and INFJs are in the world of librarianship at a higher rate than in the general population. They aren’t the most common types found in librarianship, but for some reason they self select themselves into the librarian group”

The results show that my type, INFJ is disproportionately attracted to the library field of work.  And as an INFJ, I love having this study to back up my decisions.

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